Chloe Rendell / Fashion Communication with Business Studies BA(Hons)

I position myself within the photography and content creation specialisms and this is a practise that I have been developing over my second and final year at the University of Brighton. Photography and content creation, for me, has been a way in which I can experiment with my creative concepts and marketing ideas in a new and unseen way. While I really appreciate unedited and clean photography, I thrive most when experimenting with diverse post production editing, within my degree I focused on this aspect using a burning technique. I focus my work on strong and underlying concepts as this is what brings so much meaning to my outcomes. While experimenting with post production to convey these concepts I have created my own style and technique.


figure standing in front of phonebox


Portrait photo with distortion


black and white and colour combined image on beach


scrunched gold on black background


product shot of copper piece