Charlee Singleton / Textiles Design with Business Studies BA(Hons)

The term ‘Gothic’ is one of mystery. Since its first use in the 3rd century and throughout the ages, it has become a word for enigmatic otherness, conjuring images of the occult, the supernatural, grandeur and violence. It is a commonly misused word throughout history, being regularly misinterpreted for a projection of evil when in reality; it is an appreciation of seeing the beauty in darkness.

Danse Macabre is a project based on the concept of Gothic identity throughout the ages, from Gothic architecture to the modern Gothic subculture, taking these misunderstood ideas of grotesque imagery and turning them into something beautiful.

This project is dedicated to Sophie Lancaster, a young woman who was brutally murdered in 2007 for being a member of the Gothic Subculture.

Design Interests
Hand Knit
Hand Dyeing Fibres
Texture and Volume
Deconstructed Knitwear

Industry Experience
Bless, Paris
Studio Tamane (Formerly The Knitting Factory), Brighton


Knitted Textiles Sample


Textiles Sample Close UpKnitted Textile PhotographKnitted Textile Sample Close UpKnit Design Development