Anna Mays / Fine Art Printmaking BA(Hons)

My practise reflects upon how the human body is perceived in contemporary western society and how it is being shaped by rapidly advancing technologies and medicine. I am interested in how our contemporary lifestyle may lead to a sense of disconnected-ness between ourselves and the flesh of the body and a deterioration of the intuitive understanding a person has of their body. Responding to this, I make work through a variety of media where I can fragment and abstract the body, to emphasise a sense of the unknown and increase ambiguity.
I explore the internal body both through the digital realm, using microscopic and radiological imagery, and as physical and material flesh, body and skin. These digital avenues of work form tensions with more raw and intimate values that are linked to life directly through touch and material. These contrasting approaches to making and visualising attempt to articulate the relationship between the organic and synthetic body that moves between conflict and balance.
Through my practice I aim to question the notions of the tangible and intangible in relation to human experience and to stimulate the sensory body through processes of vision and touch.


Anna mays
Clinical with Expansion (2020)


Anna Mays
Expansion (2020)




Anna Mays
Transcendence (2020)


Anna Mays
Person walking through Clinical (2020)
Wall Instalation
Confinement (2020)