Abigail Jouanides / Fine Art Printmaking BA(Hons)

My practice explores the phenomenological theories around Topophobia, which is the fear of places. I am interested in how certain places have an atmosphere, which may be felt as an experience in relation to internal and external spaces. I look to the genre of horror cinema to aesthetically inform and drive my practice through its use of colour to evoke sensation. I explore these themes through a multi-media practice of moving image, print and sound. I aim to challenge the viewer by combining media to create works that have a conversation of how different places and spaces are felt within the body. Through the viewers perception of colour, and also through sound which allows me to build tension or disband it through careful compositions that can all come together to provoke sensory reaction and atmosphere.


Grey marks in corridor
‘Where do you lead’



Fold of metal over red light
‘Untitled (Red)’


Grey texture