Abi Mills / Fashion Communication with Business Studies BA(Hons)

Through combining illustrations and photography with my contextual research, I’ve created a series of digital illustrations to communicate the self-development and transformation of the sexually assaulted. Using fabric and fibres as a metaphor for the skin and mental condition of them on the recovery journey, featuring both the internal and external impacts they face in their development, from both the darker and empowering times. Basing my work off in-depth research from recovery groups and interviews to documentaries and academic case studies, to communicate and transfer their significant and defining psychological and physical memories into physical stitching on garments to metaphorically represent the depth of trauma they had on the individual. Stitching in a mixture of both statistics and quotes from my research, to show the depth of a topic that’s easily overlooked but impacts 1 in 6 women in both a personal and analytical way.


two teddy bears in knickers
Double Teddy – Recovered


Illustrated Corset
Corset Copyright


image of underwear hanging on line
Copyright Knickers


Ilustration of hands covering breasts
Hands Off


illustration of figure holding up sign